Pale Moon Add-ons Site

The Pale Moon Add-ons Site is a service provided by the Pale Moon Project. The intent of the service is to facilitate indexing and hosting of extensions, themes, and search plugins for use in the Pale Moon browser.

Pale Moon Add-ons Team

The Add-ons Team performs the day to day administration and coordination of the Add-ons Site.


Current and active members of the Add-ons Team.

  • Lootyhoof aka Ryan659
  • FranklinDM


Former members of the Add-ons Team who have gone on to other things.

  • Andrew Gilbertson aka AndyTheAbsurd
  • Antonius32
  • Matt A. Tobin now mostly known as the New Tobin Paradigm

Submitting your Add-on

So, you decided to bring your add-on to Pale Moon officially, have forked your own version for us, or have simply been awesome and created something new? That is fantastic. You have (or will) let the community chew it up a bit and think it is ready for a proper release.. So what do you do?

Well, you have a couple options but each one must be considered carefully.

Please see: Submit your Add-on to the site

Phoebus Files

The software that drives the Add-ons Site is known as Project Phoebus. Currently, it reads data from up to four sources of information. As an Add-on Developer you may need to be aware of what and how these files work.

Please see: Understanding Phoebus Manifest Files

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