Firefox Extension Request and Fork List

This page will track various critical or important Firefox Extensions that the user base has expressed a direct need for since the release of Pale Moon 29.2.0 and map them to any forks or other suitable replacements within our own Add-ons Site.

This "master list" will be useful for finding extensions that new or current Add-on Developers may wish to fork. Including existing Pale Moon extensions have been abandoned or abused by their developer.

NOTE: This page will be continuously updated. So check back often! Additionally, you can help update and improve this page by pull request on the repository!

Firefox-targeted Extensions

This list is mostly based on requests gathered from the user base over the years. Unfortently, some extensions cannot be reasonably forked due to several conserns. For example, we will note most of the service-based extensions that have been requested. Those that target a specific website to provide services or modify content or design elements that has very likely changed in the past several years and in most cases are entirely proprietary in nature. Thus they are NOT considered as good forking prospects.

Also noted here are extensions that are based on Mozilla's Add-ons SDK, also known as Jetpack. Jetpack technology has been deprecated in the Platform Codebase and may not be submitted to the Add-ons Site under normal circumstances. As such Jetpack-based extensions are also NOT good prospects for forks and are listed below as "Unforkable". It is recommended that new extensions based on their concept are created instead.

Status Firefox Extension (CAA-linked) Fork / Additional Notes
ForkedAdblock PlusABPrime
ForkedAdblock PlusAdblock Latitude
ForkedAdblock EdgeABPrime
ForkedAdblock EdgeAdblock Latitude
ForkedElement Hiding Helper for Adblock PlusEHPrime
ForkableOld Location Bar
UnforkableForecastfox WeatherProprietary, all rights reserved.
UnforkableForecastfox (fix version)Illegal fork
ForkableAdvanced Locationbar
ForkableAll in one gestures
ForkablePrivate Tab
ForkableTab Scope
ForkableTab Scope Tweaker
ForkableHide caption titlebar plus
UnforkableGoogle search link fixService extension, Jetpack
ForkedFLST (Firefox 4+)FLFT
ForkableForm History Control
UnforkableGoogAlexaService extension
ForkableMenu Icons Plus
UnforkableanonymoXService extension
ForkableAnt Video Downloader
ForkableBookmark Duplicate Cleaner
UnforkableBrowsec VPNProprietary, Service extension
UnforkableGoogle Translate, ImTranslator, Dictionary, TTSService extension
UnforkableHoxx VPN ProxyService extension
ForkableLazarus: Form Recovery
ForkableOpen With
ForkablePrint Edit
UnforkableS3.Google TranslatorService extension, Maybe illegal?
UnforkableShortly URL ShortenerService extension
ForkableSuper Start
UnforkableVideo DownloadHelperJetpack
ForkableBookmarks Checker
UnforkableGoogle ShortcutsService extension
ForkableMore Tools Menu
ForkablePlaces Maintenance
ForkedSearch on Engine ChangeEngine Click To Search
ForkableSort and Search Customization Dialogs
ForkableUndo Bookmarks Menu
ForkableFavIcon Reloader
ForkablePrint/Print Preview
ForkableEasy DragToGo++
ForkableReferrer Control
ForkableSelected Search
ForkableStay-Open Menu
ForkableTextarea Cache
UnforkableKeeFoxApplication Service extension, Openly Hostile
ForkableNavigational Sounds
ForkableBypass Forced Download
UnforkableDisconnectService extension
UnforkablePrivacy BadgerService extension
ForkableOpen Link in New Tab
ForkableTranslate This!
ForkableBookmark Quick Mover
ForkableContext Font
ForkableCopy as HTML Link
ForkableElement Inspector
ForkableError Console
ForkableInspect Context
ForkableOpen in Browser
ForkablePaste and Search (Forms) reloaded
ForkableRainbow Color Tools
ForkableTab Focus
ForkableQuick Context 2
ForkableOpen Bookmarks in New Tab
ForkableMarkdown Editor
UnforkableChromEditPlusUnclear licensing
ForkableAutoCopy 2
ForkableFile and Folder Shortcuts
ForkableScrapBook X File Converter
ForkableScrapBook X Copy Page Info
ForkableScrapBook X AutoSave
ForkableToolbar Buttons
UnforkableTime KeeperJetpack
ForkableEasy Copy
ForkableCharacter Palette
ForkableInformational Tab
ForkableTab Flick
ForkableTile View
ForkableIt's All Text!
ForkableEmpty Cache Button
ForkableFind Button
UnforkableOrg-mode CaptureJetpack
UnforkableCopy as Org-modeJetpack
UnforkableFoundstone HTML5 Local Storage ExplorerProprietary, badly out of date
ForkableModern Download Manager
ForkableGo Parent Folder
ForkableShow Parent Folder
Forkedabout:addons-memoryAddons Memory Usage - Intika MoD
ForkedSQLite ManagerSQLite Admin
ForkedRedirectorURL Rewriter
ForkedRoomy Bookmarks ToolbarCozy Bookmarks Toolbar
ForkedExpire history by daysExpire history by days
ForkedCopy Plain Text 2Copy As Plain Text
ForkedAdd to Search BarAdd As Search Engine
ForkedPlaces CleanerSwabby
ForkedScrollbar Search HighlighterScrollbar Search Marker
ForkedAdd-ons Manager Context MenuAdd-ons Inspector
ForkedCookie ControllerCookie Permissions Button
ForkedFast DialQuickdial Tool & Speed Dial
ForkedContext Search XContext Search X (*)
ForkedFoxClocksFoxClocks (*)
ForkedHard RefreshReload and Skip Cache
ForkedTab CounterTab Counter
ForkedImage Search OptionsImage Search Options (*)
ForkedRight LinksNew Tab Links
ForkedDblClickerDouble-click Tweaks
ForkedOmniBarSiLbE-Search in Location Bar Enhanced
ForkedDiggerURL Clipper
ForkedShow My PasswordShow My Password (*)
ForkedCleanest Addon ManagerMinama
ForkedWeb DeveloperWeb Developer's Toolbox
ForkedSaved Password EditorClassic Password Editor
ForkedConfig DescriptionsConfig Comments
ForkedCookieShieldCookies Control Panel
ForkedFeed SidebarSidebar Feed Reader
ForkedFoxyProxy StandardFoxyProxy Standard
ForkedHTTP NowhereHTTPS Enforcer
ForkedMozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful SaveMozArchiver
ForkedClassic OperaNeomelodica
ForkedNotepad (QuickFox)NoteStruck
ForkedIntegrated Authentication for FirefoxIntegrated Authentication for SeaMonkey and Pale Moon
ForkedZing! Locale SwitcherPale Moon Locale Switcher
ForkedPure URLPure URL
ForkedQuickPasswordsQuickPasswords (*)
ForkedSelect like a BossSelect Links Like A Leader
ForkedTab ControlTab Tweak
ForkedAll-in-One SidebarThe Good 'ol Sidebar
ForkedBetter URL BarAddress Bar & Search Bar More Readable
ForkedLightweight Themes ManagerThemeTool
ForkedOrganize Status BarStatusbar Organizer
ForkedTab Set SaverTabs To Portfolio
ForkedSpace NextSpace Advance
ForkedNuke AnythingZap Anything
ForkedFEBEFEBE (*)
ForkedCoLTCopy Hyperlink Text
Forkedcustomize_titlebar_v2Title Bar Customizer
ForkedAutoclose Bookmark&History FoldersAutoclose History Sidebar Folders
ForkedPersonas ExpressionTheme Styler Plus
ForkedGooglebar LitegSearch Bar
ForkedStatusbarExCPU & Memory Usage Statusbar
ForkedLine MarkerSimple Marker
ForkedCookie MonsterCookie Masters
ForkedAdvanced URL BuilderAdvanced URL Builder
ForkedStatusbar ClockStatusbar Date & Time
ForkedText LinkAuto Text Link
ForkedChrome ListChrome Navigator
ForkedTheme Font & Size ChangerTheme Tweaker
ForkedUndo Closed Tabs ButtonRestore Tabs Button
ForkableRikaichan Japanese Names Dictionary
ForkableRikaichan Japanese-English Dictionary
ForkableRikaichan Japanese-German Dictionary
ForkableRikaichan Japanese-French Dictionary
ForkableRikaichan Japanese-Dutch Dictionary
ForkableRikaichan Japanese-Russian Dictionary
ForkableRikaichan Japanese-Hungarian Dictionary
UnforkableScreenshoterProprietary, no licensing information
UnforkableScreenshoter (Fixed)Illegal fork
ForkedDownload Manager TweakDownload Manager Customizations
ForkedEasy ScreenshotSimple Screenshot
ForkedElement PropertiesProperties dialog

(*) denotes it was brought over by it's awesome orginal developer.

Withdrawn extensions by JustOff

The Add-on Developer and former Pale Moon contributor, JustOff, withdrew his extensions in a very abusive manner that has shaken or obliterated user confidence in his continuing activities. To that end, some users have expressed their wish that current or future Add-on Developers provide direct forks of his former APMO offerings. Below is a list of his important extensions and current alternative forks.

NOTE: Forks of any of JustOff's extensions that are Jetpack-based are eligible for special dispensation in regards to submission to the Add-ons Site. Please contact a member of the Add-ons Team or a Phoebus Administrator for more information on this.

Status Extension Name (Github-linked) Extension Fork
Up for grabs!Active Stop Button
Up for grabs!Add Bookmark Helper
ForkedAdvanced Night ModeSwarth
Up for grabs!Dismiss The Overlay
Up for grabs!Cookies Exterminator
Up for grabs!GitHub Web Components Polyfill
Up for grabs!Greedy Cache
Up for grabs!HTML5 Media Tuner
Up for grabs!Location-4-Evar
ForkedLull The TabsSuspender
Up for grabs!Modify HTTP Response
Up for grabs!Password Backup Tool
Up for grabs!Proxy Privacy Ruler
Up for grabs!Responsive Bookmarks Toolbar
Up for grabs!Save All Images
Up for grabs!Send Link to Device
Up for grabs!Speed Start
Up for grabs!YouTube Lazy Load

Deactivated extensions by riiis

This Add-on Developer has a well established history of bucking proper procedure both in moral or legal contexts. Though we appreciate his early enthusiasm at a critical time for us around Pale Moon 25, proper vetting in the context of intellectual property was not as tightly enforced for longstanding developers as it is today for new contributors. A recent audit found several extensions with potential or actual issues. However, riiis has chosen not to address these and the only recourse left was to deactivate them.

The user base has requested a list of extensions no longer available on the Add-ons Site which are for all intents and purposes are now considered abandoned. To facilitate replacements for these troublesome extensions, the following list is provided with the reasoning for their deactivation. Upon request the last released version will be produced (along with more specific information) as a base for proper forking as there are no known code repositories maintained by riiis. If you wish to fork any of the following, please contact a member of the Add-ons Team or a Phoebus Administrator.

NOTE: Forks of any of riiis's extensions that are Jetpack-based are eligible for special dispensation in regards to submission to the Add-ons Site. Please contact a member of the Add-ons Team or a Phoebus Administrator for more information on this.

Extension Slug Extension Name Fork / Reason for Deactivation
bookmarks-sb-panelsBookmarks Sidebar with PanelsBranding: Original Icon
bookmarksbarvisibilityBookmarks Toolbar More VisibleMarked as GPL 3.0 but uses MPL 2.0 code (css) from Aris's Classic Toolbar Buttons
colorpicker-mooneditionColor IdentifierColorPili
colorpicker-converterColor Picker & ConverterBranding: Original Icon
dir-up-moon-editionDirectory UpLicense: MPL 1.1 vs GPL 3.0 / Branding: Ambiguous Name & Original Icon
downloadstatusbar-pmDownloads StatusbarBranding: Ambiguous Name & Original Icon
showdownloadswtsDownloads: Show in Window, Tab, or SidebarLicense: MPL 1.1 vs GPL 3.0
search-drag-n-dropDrag & Drop: Search, Open Links, & Open ImagesBranding: Original Icon
fireftpbuttonFireFTP- replace toolbar buttonsLicense: BSD vs MPL 2.0 / Branding: Slug Squatting
fcstweatherbuttonForecast & Weather on the ButtonBranding: Original Icon
gtranslator-moon-editionGoogle Translator for Pale MoonBranding: Original Icon
popup-english-dictionaryPopup Dictionaries With AudioLicense: MPL 1.1 vs GPL 3.0 / Branding: Original Icon
sage-readerSage ReaderLicense: MPL 1.1 vs GPL 3.0 / Branding: Ambiguous Name & Original Icon
sdc-moon-editionSelf-Destructing Cookies for Pale MoonBranding: Ambiguous Name
sidebartogglemenuSidebar ToolsLicense: MPL 1.1 vs GPL 3.0 / Branding: Original Icon
superstart-moon-editionSuper Start Speed DialBranding: Ambiguous Name & Original Icon
personamakerTheme MakerBranding: Original Icon which violates Mozilla IP
toggle-night-modeToggle Night ModeBranding: Orginal Icon
translatethisTranslate This Page, Text, or LinkBranding: Ambiguous Name & Original Icon & Slug Squatting
turbo-downloaderTurbo DownloaderBranding: Ambiguous Name & Original Icon
zoompagestoolZoom Pages ToolBranding: Original Icon

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