Pale Moon Developer Site

Greetings and welcome to our Developer Site!

This site intends to document and provide resources regarding Pale Moon (and the Platform Codebase).

Selected points of intrest

Helping build the future could be profitable

Anyone can help with any number of tasks when it comes to Pale Moon, the Platform Codebase, this Developer Site, or other related projects and those contributions are always considered valuable (or rather invaluable). However, there are jobs that we place a bounty on. These are the larger and more complex issues that may require focused or specialized knowledge to accomplish.

So, if you have the skills to tackle the tough assignments you will be rewarded for your efforts. If you are interested, check out the Bounty Program.

Contributing to the Developer Site

You can contribute to this site to correct typos or add whole new pages. Just get in contact with someone in the Pale Moon project or Tobin to lend a hand. As this site is primarily git controlled and content uses a decently easy syntax in lieu of straight html creating and modifing content isn't very difficult.

A complete guide on how to contribute to this site will come soon to help those who may not be familiar with the process. In the meantime, you can just ask someone for pointers.

Note: This new Developer Site is, interestingly enough, actually in development. So some previous content and planned new content may not be available yet.

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