Add-ons: Themes

What is a theme?

A theme changes the browser's look, some themes change only the toolbar's background or just the icons while others completely transform the browser and make it look like a different program.

There are 2 types of themes:

Complete Themes

  • Oftentimes, it changes the browser's overall look (for example: Australium - makes Pale Moon look like the default theme used in Firefox 29+)
  • Styling almost everything in the browser is possible. From buttons to about: pages to the main browser interface.
  • There are nearly no limits in what you can change in the browser's interface.

Personas (also known as Lightweight Themes)

  • Limited in what can be done and can only change the color scheme and background image of the toolbars.
  • Can be applied even when using a complete theme (through the use of an extension such as ThemeTool)

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