Pale Moon Developer Site

Greetings and welcome to our Developer WIki.

We know you are as excited as we are to start browsing around this place. However, the wiki is under heavy construction and like so many things in life it is subject to the time constraints of the people who contribute to it.

Thus far you are likely looking for Build Instructions to compile the source code. Luckily, we have that bit up already.

These instructions are being updated for Pale Moon 28.x now living in the various RelBranches in the UXP GitHub repository.

So forget about that menu bar at the top for the time being and head directly to:

Build Pale Moon on Windows
Build Pale Moon on Linux

While we are under construction you can find all articles on this wiki on this page.

Looking for Add-on Submission?

Check here.

Want to contribute to the Wiki?

All you have to do is Register and help out right?

Well, almost. We do want to keep chaos to a minimum so please check with Pale Moon Team Members either via the forum's private message system or head to the IRC channel on #palemoon.

You can also get to our channel on the web via the Live Chat page on the main Pale Moon site!

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